Time to Morp!


Time to Morp is a sandbox colony sim designed for both single and multiplayer. Build a base, gather resources, discover new technology and learn about Morps - curious little creatures that inhabit the planet.

Play your way!

1-4 players – Time to Morp is a great solo experience, but it is even more fun with friends!

Customize and decorate – Customize the world as you see fit: add decorations, plant trees or terraform everything around you!

Play with Morps – The world is filled with cute and unique creatures – they will help you build, gather resources, and aid in exploration.

Make new friends!

You are never alone – Meet the Crew, make friends, assist them with tasks, or explore the world together!

Explore vast worlds – The world is filled with different biomes, events, activities, unique resources and secrets!

Use your tech!

Automate everything – You can water, gather or move everything yourself. Or use tools to do it for you!

Unlock the technology – From Pumps for transportation, to Ziplines for faster travel, and so much more!

On a mission!

As an Intern on your first mission, you have an opportunity to prove yourself, befriend the Crew, or discover secrets of this unknown planet! Follow the story to find the source of a SOS signal that brought you here, help creatures in distress, and help a lost soul to rejoin her family.